Ear Infections


Next to the common cold, ear infections are the most commonly diagnosed childhood illness in the United States. More than three out of four children have had at least one ear infection by the time they're three. But because doctors are now warning about the overuse of antibiotics, parents are taking their kids to see chiropractors who specialize in children. Simply click on the graphic to the right to begin viewing the video. Or read the video transcript below.

Many infants and toddlers will rub or tug at their ears. If they can talk, they complain. If they can't, their crying makes us feel helpless, even desperate.

Subluxations are often found in children who suffer from chronic earaches. An impaired nerve supply can make their middle ears and eustachian tubes susceptible to fluid buildup or even infection.

Traditional treatment usually involves the antibiotic amoxicillin. The result? A recent study showed that children taking amoxicillin compromise their immune system function. They are twice as likely to have recurring ear problems as those taking just a placebo.

Instead, restoring proper nerve supply with safe and natural chiropractic care has helped thousands.