gardenerAs most people know, osteoporosis is a serious condition, which affects approximately 75% of women, aged 50 and older, and another 40% have reduced bone density. Our standard American diet (also known as SAD) and a lack of exercise appear to be the largest contributing factors. The SAD diet promotes tissue acidity, which creates an imbalance that leads to reabsorbtion of alkaline minerals from bones to neutralize the acidity. Increasing evidence suggests that this type of diet results in numerous injurious effects on the body, including demineralization of the bone, muscle wasting, kidney stone formation, and damage to the kidney. 

Which foods promote tissue acidity? Primarily, animal products, meat, fish, fowl, and eggs, which often lead people to condemn animal products--a grave mistake. Humans have long consumed animal products and maintained normal bone density. This is because other than animal products, humans ate enough vegetation (fruits and vegetables) to counterbalance the acidity of the meat. Instead of eating an abundance of alkaline fruits and vegetables, we now consume acid-producing grains, cheese, and soda with our substantial intake of domestic, feedlot, grain-fed meat and farmed fish.

Therefore, to prevent osteoporosis ensure an adequate amount of physical activity and eliminate cigarette smoking, drinking soda, and excessive alcohol intake. Increase your intake of raw fruits and vegetables, lean, grass-fed beef, free range eggs and chickens, fish from the wild, raw nuts, raw milk, and raw sea salt. Also, be sure to get adequate amounts of sunshine (15-20 minutes a day on as much exposed skin as possible).