kevinlaucher-wife Dr. Kevin Laucher and Dr. Cheryl Carr completed their doctoral degrees in chiropractic at Logan College in St. Louis, Missouri.They are affiliated with the Michigan Chiropractic Association.

Chiropractic Education
A lot of people ask how chiropractic education compares to medical education. Since both work with the human body, there is much similarity in their studies, but there are important differences as well.This chart compares medical and chiropractic education. It was compiled from a review of the curricula of 22 medical schools, 11 chiropractic colleges, and updates from the National Health Federation Bulletin.

(in hours)
(in hours)
Anatomy 540 508
Physiology 240 326
Pathology 360 401
Chemistry 165 325
Microbiology 120 114
Diagnosis 630 324
Neurology 320 112
X-Ray 360 148
Psychiatry 60 144
Obstetrics 60 148
Orthopedics 210 156
TOTAL 3,065



Other Required Subjects
Chiropractic Medicine
Spinal Adjustments Pharmacology
Manipulation Immunology
Advanced Radiology General Surgery
Chiropractic 4,485 Medicine 4,248